A welcome from Joseph Lyons, West Ham United Foundation Chief Executive

As the CEO of the West Ham United Foundation, I am delighted to welcome you to our refreshed website.

From our hub site in Beckton, Newham, our work extends across east London, Essex and International sites, spanning all ages and abilities.

We are proud of our multi-layered diverse approach which means we can meet the needs of our beneficiaries whether it’s through our health initiatives helping those most vulnerable, providing mentoring, education and employment opportunities, keeping children and youths engaged and supported through sports and classroom provision, or giving people the opportunity to follow their football dreams on the pitch while also gaining qualifications off the pitch. We are wholly committed to helping others fulfil their potential as well as fulfilling our potential and responsibilities as an organisation.

Over the last few years the Foundation has grown vastly: being recognised and validated for our approach, engaging with up to 50,000 people annually whilst focusing on individual outcomes as a collective and working with colleagues from across the football sector to ensure we are delivering the best Football Club Community Schemes we can!

The combination of the cost of living crisis and existing equality issues have exacerbated the challenges we were facing before the pandemic. Alongside the Club, we believe that tackling these issues has to continue to be at the heart of everything we do in the future. The West Ham United Foundation has been supporting local charities, good causes and social support programmes for 30 years now. There will always be more to be done and we remain committed to making a difference in our community.

The strategy we have developed, outlined below, is sustainable, transparent and ultimately puts people at the heart of our work; making a real difference in our community. 


Harnessing the power of football to maximise life chances and inspire better futures for all


To provide an innovative approach to understanding and meeting the needs of our community; building partnerships and utilising insight and technology to create an environment where all can thrive - from the heart of east London.

  • Create Opportunities
  • Support Pathways 
  • Change Lives

Strategic Objectives

  • Responding to local need
  • Uniting our community
  • Providing an environment for all to thrive

Although we are an independent registered charity, we are grateful to receive tremendous backing from our football club as well as additional support from external funders, which enable us to deliver an incredible breadth of projects. Similarly, we are always looking for new collaborators and so we would welcome a further conversation should you be interested in working together.

Quite simply, we are harnessing the power of elite sport for social good and I hope you enjoy finding out more information through our site. If you are interested in discussing something with us directly, please send your email to [email protected] or see further contact details through the ‘Contact Us’ area.


West Ham United Foundation