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The Bond Scheme


Background and History

The Bondholder scheme was launched in 1992 with the objective to fund the development of the Boleyn Ground. The intention was to create approximately 20,000 Bond/Season Ticket holders, but the scheme was not popular with the fans and subsequently only just over 800 bonds were ever sold and the club eventually decided to stop issuing any new bonds within a year. However existing bondholders still enjoy the associated benefits or putting their bonds up for sale when they are no longer required (Bondholder full terms and conditions are shown in detail on the reverse of the Bond Certificate).


2019 Annual General Meeting

The 2019 AGM will be held on Monday 23rd September 2019 at 6:30pm at the London Stadium Store. Notification of the date, time and other details have been advised in the normal way by a formal invitation letter issued on August 28th.

The committee is delighted that there will be the opportunity to participate in a Q&A with Club representatives including Andy Mollett WHU Chief Financial Officer and with West Ham legend and Sky TV pundit Tony Gale.

If you plan to attend you must email by midday Friday September 20th.

Useful Contact Details

To contact the committee directly, please email the dedicated Bondholder email:

The Ticket Office has an email address for Bondholders only. 

To contact the Ticket Office in respect of ticketing applications for specific games email (generic issues should continue to be addressed through the normal email address above).

All Bondholders are reminded that the Club regularly investigates any malpractice regarding ticketing and to ensure the tickets purchased are not sold onto any third party. 

Bond Purchase and Sales

Anyone who would like to purchase a bond should contact the email address and will be added to the waiting list. It should be noted that in general only a small number of bonds are offered for sale. Any Bondholder wishing to sell their bond can also contact the committee to help facilitate the sale. Please include name, phone number and client reference in any correspondence.


Bondholder Executive Committee and Officers

At the 2018 AGM, all 12 Bondholders on the previous Committee stood for re-election and were voted in unopposed to continue for a further 12 months. Subsequent to the AGM, five executive officers were elected as follows:

     Chairman – John Beavis

     Vice Chairman – Mike Lee

     Secretary - Martine Dodwell-Bennett

     Minutes Secretary – Barbara Adams

     Treasurer - David Playle


Focus Groups

The Committee continue their efforts through three focus groups:

1) London Stadium, Ticketing and Bondholder Benefits (lead Tony Barritt)

2) Bondholder Communication (lead Steve Applebee)

3) Bondholder Statutory Regulation (lead Martin Jessop)


West Ham United Official Supporters' Board (OSB) - formerly the Supporters Advisory Board

The Committee is represented on the OSB by Steve Applebee and if you have an issue you want to be put to the Club's representatives please send in your item to