West Ham United fans at London Stadium

How to use your NFC ticket

For the 2022/23 season, we’ll be using Near Field Communication (NFC) tickets for supporters to enter London Stadium on matchdays.

After a successful trial period over the course of last season, in which all Season Ticket Holders had the chance to use the technology, this will now be the optimum ticketing method for all supporters.


How to use your NFC Ticket

Using your NFC ticket is easy. It is as simple as tapping your NFC-enabled phone on the reader and then entering the stadium.

If you’re a Season Ticket Holder who is not in the West Stand, you will have received an email containing a link to download your ticket.

If you are in the West Stand, or have bought a Match-by-Match ticket, you’ll receive yours over the next couple of days if you haven’t already.

If you are a Season Ticket Holder, your NFC Season Ticket will work for the entirety of the 2022/23 campaign and will refresh each week, so please don’t delete it.

It’s imperative that you download your Season Ticket before you attend your first match of the season. Or, if you have bought a Match-by-Match ticket, make sure you download it before matchday to make sure you’re ready to tap and go at the turnstiles.

Once at the stadium, navigate to your GPay or Apple Wallet on your phone, and you’ll find your ticket. You will also receive a notification that will take you straight to it when you get to the stadium.

When you get to the turnstile, simply tap your phone on the reader, rather than inserting it into the reader, and you’ll be ready to go.


How do I share tickets?

If you have multiple Season Tickets or match tickets associated to one email address, you can either forward the Season Ticket onto the person whose seat it is, check in your entire group with multiple taps of your phone, or pass your phone to someone else at the turnstile.

If you forward a Season Ticket, you should only do so if the supporter will be using the Season Ticket for the full season as you won’t receive a new link for every game.

If you wish to share a Season Ticket on a one-off basis with someone else on a matchday, this can be done through Ticket Forwarding in your West Ham United Account. Your friend will need a West Ham United Account as well.

Alternatively, once a game sells out, you can resell your Season Ticket seat on Ticket Exchange.



If you have any other questions, such as what to do if you don’t have a mobile phone, please check the FAQs here.