Manager on Matchday

Good morning everyone,

We are preparing for another big home game against Hull and it would be brilliant if we can record back-to-back victories.

We said we had to go through an extremely difficult schedule but were then facing a period of games which we could get points on the board.

That period has now arrived and we started with three points against Burnley on Wednesday night.

We now have a really good chance to get another victory and we are at home. But Hull are playing really good football and I like the way they play.

We need to continue like this and lift a few more places in the table. If that happens, we can expect better performances because, as I said after the game against Burnley, nothing can give you

confidence better than victories.

I was thrilled to see Reece Oxford pledge his long-term future to the Club and was asked in the pre-match press conference if the biggest challenge will be keeping his feet on the ground.

There is always a danger but unfortunately you can't keep the players without giving them a good contract. As I said it's up to us, more than us it's up to his family and his representatives because they are around him more than we are.

We do our things on the pitch and off the pitch but I think he's got a very stable family, the people around him are really good and he is down to earth, and I don't expect him to go wild and all that and to lose concentration. But nowadays of course it's very difficult.

The players are getting great contracts, fame, interviews and everything without putting there foot on a pitch. It was the other way round before, now it's changed.

We are a very friendly club, not only my door is open but the skipper, the experienced players, they are always there to help him.

It is a good statement and it is showing everyone else that we want to keep our great prospects. We have a few more who are staying with us and a few of them are on loan.

Reece wanted to stay and that is why I call it the perfect match and it is a win win situation. No-body had to compromise and it is good for both parties.

He could possibly go on loan. We spoke about it at the start of the season – me and Reece.

We will see in January and if not the end of the season. There is no point him staying if it is obvious he will not get minutes on the pitch.

He is young and talented and the only way he will fulfil his potential is to play, whether it is at West Ham or a short loan.

We have good young players.  There are players already on loan like Reece Burke and Josh Cullen, others like Marcus Brown. They are full of promise.

The crowd love to identify with home grown talent. When I came here I said that the priority was the boys from East London, if not London, then if not London England.

We want exceptional talent, exceptional players. It is hard today to get the players coming through from your academy and if you want to buy British they are extremely expensive.

I was asked once again about Andy Carroll and his return to first-team action.

There comes a time, when he is fit and looking good in training, when you just have to put him in.

In Andy’s case, you know you will always get impact and determination. I like intensive training from every player and that’s a must because without that you can’t be switched on for games.

But I’m talking about the first week when he comes back from injury. He goes in straight away, like he was training yesterday. And that’s like how he plays.

He goes straight in and he goes like crazy, 100 per cent, because this is a very important part of his game.

You don’t want him to lose that because that’s key for the way he plays but he has to manage the crucial time when he starts training to have something in between.

I was also asked about Simone Zaza but unfortunately he is injured. It's his knee and that is why he is not available for us for selection.

There is a situation with him but we will see in January what is going to happen.

Enjoy the game on Saturday.