From the Terraces: 'We've only got one Song!'

Fan blogger Tom Broughton takes us on a journey through the West Ham song book.
"One song! We've only got one song!" is the chorus that rings out from the four corners of the Boleyn in admiration for our new hero on loan from Barcelona. 

Of course, we're known the length and breadth of the country for our anthem, Bubbles. I remember once overhearing a pre-match police briefing at Blackburn when a burly copper turned to his colleagues and moaned: "Bubbles? Get used to it boys, you'll hear it for hours. Sick of it." And you know, they did.

But it was an impact, even with the local old Bill. As a season ticket holder above the Chicken Run, the verbal volleys with away fans has been fascinating. A swish rendition of "Does your butler know your here?" to well meaning Fulham fans warmed the cockles just as much as a well aimed missive to Joe Hart about his choice of product. 

And they're just the polite ones. 

It's not just the taunting and posturing that will be needed to be recreated at the new Stadium. It's what I call the 'furniture' songs that will need to be cultivated. From the mainstay of "Come on you Irons" at attacking corners, to "Twist and shout" when we're losing or simply a bit bored. And please let's not forget "My name is Ludek Miklosko," as the removal men move in.

?Our new Olympic home will be able to conjure up the fast clapping sequence of "We are West Ham's claret and blue army" in order for it to spread like wild fire throughout the place. And all before we leap back into Bubbles as a unified force as we have done so across grounds up and down the UK and, in Europe, for generations. We're much more than one song, everyone knows it.

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