From the Terraces: Goodbye Ricardo

The man who happened to be in the right place at the right time. The man who kept his nerve, and finished a single chance to return West Ham to the Premier League. Ricardo Vaz Te has written his name in Hammers' hall of fame for an eternity, but the time on his career at The Boleyn has come to an end. 
Vaz always came across as a friendly person when on TV or taking part in supporter Q&A's. I am sure he had and will remain to have many friends at West Ham United - and rightly so.
After 15 league goals for the Hammers, 28-year-old Vaz Te has left the club by mutual consent. It's a shame it had to end like that, but he's built up a fantastic set of memories that will last as long in his memory as it will in the memories of the supporters who were there that day.
He wasn't the most talented player at the club, and certainly not the hardest working. I'd be surprised if anybody thought that Vaz had a place in this current squad, but I'd also be equally surprised if anyone said they didn't like him.
Sometimes it's not only the best players who live long in the fond memories of supporters, but simply the special ones. We'll never forget you Ricardo, good luck in Turkey and thanks for that goal.