Chadwell Chatter

Hello all,

It was great to meet the fans at our Open Training day earlier this week.

For me, personally, these days are always fun and to see the kids enjoy themselves is great. For us players, to make their day by signing autographs or having our pictures taken with them is a chance for the football club to give something back as thanks for their loyal support.

It's great that the fans get the opportunity to come to the Boleyn Ground and watch us train. Last season we did it once, but this season we've done it twice now so for the fans, they are over the moon as they don't get to meet the whole squad in that way all the time.

I personally really enjoy these open training days, and to see that the fans are happy makes me happy too!

It's great that we get to interact with our loyal fans and the atmosphere was fantastic, even if I was concentrating on training! When I am training, I'm concentrating on training, but after training I listened to the music and it was lovely.

West Ham players signed autographs for fans after training

The Season Ticket Holders are the backbone of the Club. Season upon season they have seen all the ups and all the lows of the football club, but they stick by us and they are very important for that reason.

I think the open day is a chance for the club to show some appreciation for the fans' terrific support, and when we get to interact with them I take great joy. It's a great way to give something back. It shows that we really do appreciate their input.

I think that at this football club, fans will come anyway as West Ham fans are West Ham all the way through! I remember when I first came here when we were in the Championship and it was a full crowd every game. Even when we played away, sometimes we had more supporters there than the home team! That shows how key the supporters are for our success.

I believe West Ham fans are very loyal and they definitely have one of the most passionate sets of supporters that I've played in front of. They are very loud and aggressive but all good! They are not shy about their emotions; if they are angry they will show it, and if they are happy they will show it!

As a player you want a reaction from the fans and for their passion to come out, and for example, when we were winning at Sunderland with 15-20 minutes remaining of the match, their fans went home. West Ham fans might have a go at you, but they certainly back us all the way. They will stick by the team; they will cheer and support you. They will believe all the way to the end and stick with the club. I do not think anyone can say otherwise.

Thanks as ever for your support!

Come on you Irons!