Hammers join cancer fight

Robert Green and Carlton Cole have thrown their weight behind a Cancer Research UK drive to make help people make positive changes to their lifestyle and reduce their risk of cancer.

The duo were appearing on behalf of the England Footballers Foundation with the aim to fund a Cancer Awareness Roadshow Unit. The Roadshow visits local communities and provides information on how to reduce the risk of cancer and the importance of early detection. Since launching in 2006, the mobile units have welcomed over 175,000 visitors on board.

Green said: "We're proud to be supporting such a great cause and would urge as many people as possible to visit the unit to find out more information about cancer - it could save your life."

Cole added: "This unit will help save lives. Spotting signs and symptoms at an early stage is key to reducing cancer related deaths."

Former Hammers defender and Manchester United captain Rio Ferdinand has also supported the initiative. He said: "The Cancer Awareness Roadshow unit is somewhere people can go if they are worried about cancer.

"The staff on board can advise on how to make healthy lifestyle changes to reduce the risk of cancer, and why it's important to spot cancer early."

The unit aims to raise awareness of how people can reduce their risk of cancer and spot signs and symptoms at an early stage, as well as providing support to help people make positive changes to their lifestyle.

For free, visitors can talk to a specialist nurse in a private consultation room, take a BMI test to find out whether their weight is within a healthy range, and pick up useful health information to take away.

The Cancer Awareness Roadshow will spread the word about how to reduce the risk of cancer and detect it early:

• Know your body - by getting to know your body and what's normal for you it will be easier to spot a change. A change won't usually turn out to be cancer, but if it is something serious then finding it early could make all the difference

• Live a healthy life - being a non-smoker, keeping a healthy weight, being physically active, cutting down on alcohol, being SunSmart and eating a healthy diet can all lower the risk of cancer

To find out more about the Roadshow or how to reduce the risk of cancer and detect it early, visit www.cancerawarenessroadshow.org

To find out more about how the England Footballers are supporting Cancer Research UK, visit www.englandfootballersfoundation.com