Captain's Blog - 'Stick with us'

Everyone was hurting after the Cardiff game. At the end of the day, although it might not have been a fantastic game, I felt we bossed it. We were on top throughout and we thought there would only be one winner and that would be us.

We were disappointed that we didn't put away the chances we created but if we continue to boss games like we did on Sunday, we will be OK come the end of the season.

We have watched the video this week. It didn't look good - conceding what was a sloppy goal by us near the end. It doesn't matter what league you are playing in, you get punished if you do that and we can't give goals away.

But we are all big enough and ugly enough to take it on the chin and we are very much together as a team. We feel that if we continue to work like we have been doing during the pre-season and last Sunday then we will win a lot more games than we will lose.

I think that is a massive positive on our behalf, it was just disappointing not to get off to a winning start. The bottom line is when we get chances we have to put most of them away. We have to learn from that and we will.

I'd also like to say how unbelievable the support from all of you was on Sunday. When I led the team out on to the pitch for what was obviously my first game and debut at home, I couldn't believe how the passionate the people were.

It was fantastic and I am sure with you all behind us, it will make it that bit easier along the way to try and get out of this league. Don't underestimate the impact you can have.

If I am asked to described the support, I say it is Premier League support. That is where you deserve to be, so we will be trying to get those results on the pitch to ensure you get back there.

I know this week that the trouble in the streets has taken up all the headlines.

It was sad to see what people were doing to the very places and areas in which they live themselves. All they were doing was hurting their own communities.

At the moment, the whole country is tarnished with this. I don't know London yet as well as say Liverpool where I was born and brought up, but I know this is also a fantastic city and it was another attraction for me moving here.

The police have done as good a job as they can in difficult circumstances and we thank them as they are trying to make it a safer environment for us all to live in.

Hopefully we can come together as a massive football community - fans, police and all the people who want to just live their lives and work hard - to help each other along and get through this. We can help to make everyone proud again.

The problems meant Tuesday's cup game against Aldershot was postponed.

Sometimes when you get a late shout that a match is off, it does put a dampener on things because you've been preparing and doing all the things you would ahead of the game.

But our bread and butter this season is the Championship and at least it wasn't a league game. That would have put us behind the other teams at an early stage.

As it is, everyone has played one game each and things are obviously still close.

On behalf of all the players, we thank all of you who will be making the trip to Doncaster to support us on Saturday.

We are looking forward to it and the lads are in good spirits and wanting to put the wrongs of last weekend right.

I have spoken to a few people who can't get hold of any tickets, so that underlines again the support we have.

All I would ask of you is that you be patient and stick with us. We definitely want what you want and understand what you expect.

We will start showing that when we put the ball in the back of the net and getting those Ws on the board instead of Ls!

Come on you Irons!

Kevin Nolan