In The Hotseat . . . Jimmy Walker

Welcome back to our regular exclusive feature on, where every week we delve into the mind and personality of an Upton Park first team star.

We have devised a list of 50 offbeat, lifestyle questions and will be asking a different player each week to answer a selection of them - simply by randomly picking numbers from 1-50.

This week, we put popular goalkeeper Jimmy Walker under the spotlight ...

In The Hotseat . . . Jimmy Walker

Q1. If you could invite any person in the world to dinner, who would it be?
A: Peter Shilton, because he is my all time hero, or Frank Sinatra for some Swing stories. In fact, the whole Rat Pack with Elvis and we could chuck out some tunes together.

Q9. Do you have any secret or unusual interests/hobbies?
A: A few of the lads are quite keen on a bit of gardening and I am one of them. We like getting our flymos out!

Q10. If you were cooking to impress, what dish would you select?
A: They would have to be taken to a nice restaurant because my culinary skills don't stretch past taking home grub cooked by Tim the Chef!

Q14. What was your best and worst subject at school?
A: Best: PE. Worst: Everything else.

Q20. Who do you regard as your best friend in the world?
A: It's out of John Brough (at Newport now), Gary Patterson or Danny Cross. I've known them since Under-14 level at Notts County, then we progressed to the youth team together, and we have all been Best Man at each other's weddings.

Q21. If you could buy a ticket to any event in the world, what would it be?
A: The X-Factor final!

Q22. Which celebrity most annoys you?
A: I am just not a hating person - I have got love for everyone.

Q23. What song would you choose if ordered to take part in karaoke?
A: On tour in Sweden I was railroaded into singing Hound Dog by Bobby Zamora and it went down a storm! So that might be my new one - it used to be Suspicious Minds.

Q25. Who is your favourite cartoon character?

A: Donkey and Shrek

Q26. What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?
A: I don't get embarrassed - I have no shame!

Q33. Use three words to describe your character?
A: Honest. Hardworking. Liar!

Q34. Who is the funniest person you know?
A: Rufus Brevett.

Q37. Who did you have a schoolboy crush on?
A: Kylie - who actually might get invited to that dinner!

Q38. If you could pick an actor to play your life story, who would it be?
A: It would have to be Brad Pitt - surely he is the only one who measures up?

Q50. If you were Prime Minister, what one change to the country would you make?
A: They have already done it - changed the licensing hours!

by Miranda Nagalingam