Hammers stars support Prince's Trust

Anton Ferdinand and Hayden Mullins went along to a Prince's Trust 'Make it Work' event in Bethnal Green last week to present four young men with their certificates for completing the programme.

The programme and its mentors encourages young adults to better themselves and their communities and inspires its participants to take the initiative, be bold and embark on new ventures. It also provides the confidence for them to pursue their own business ideas.

All four lads who completed 'Make it Work' admitted it had been a huge success for them personally and for the estate they lived on that had experienced trouble in the past but following the programme had improved dramatically.

Anton Ferdinand, an Ambassador for the Princes's Trust was delighted to get involved and present the boys with their certificates and praised the initiative for the positive impact it has made.

"I grew up on a similar estate to this in Peckham," said the Hammers defender. "We used to experience a lot of trouble and if there had been more things like the Prince's Trust to help the kids out then I am sure it would have reduced the problems."

Midfielder Hayden Mullins agreed saying: "When I was younger there were no initiatives like this to keep kids off the streets and motivate and encourage them to follow the right path in life. I think it is great that projects like this are in operation to give kids like this a focus and a good start in life."

For more information, go to: www.princes-trust.org.uk 

By Miranda Nagalingam