Teddy Gets His Kit Off For Cancer Awareness

Teddy Sheringham and Lawrence Dallaglio have teamed up with celebrity photographer Rankin and four other well-known celebrities to launch a partnership between Cancer Research UK and Gillette raising awareness of testicular cancer.

They are joined by Radio 1 DJ Pete Tong, premiership footballer Danny Murphy, the Fast Show's Charlie Higson and TV's Jeff Brazier. Together they got their kit off for a risqué photograph by Rankin to highlight the need for men to be more aware of the symptoms of testicular cancer. Their varying ages and backgrounds show that testicular cancer can affect anyone.

The photograph supports the launch of 'BlueBoy', an innovative new symbol designed to raise awareness of testicular cancer.  The symbol mimics the protective stance of a footballer when facing a free kick in a 'wall' and provides a novel twist on the pink ribbon used to promote breast cancer awareness. Badges of the image will be on sale for people to show their support.  Cancer Research UK and Gillette will also launch a number of awareness drives over the coming months to target men in the UK.

While rare, testicular cancer is the most common cancer in males aged 15-45 and is affecting more and more men each year. The good news is that testicular cancer is almost always curable if it is found early and these days more then nine out of ten patients are cured.  A simple, regular self-check could help detect early signs of the disease.

As part of the launch campaign, Gillette are including leaflets on testicular cancer in selected MACH3 and M3POWER men's blade packs, ensuring the message reaches the maximum number of men at a time when they feel at ease following the tips - namely in the bathroom. The leaflets detail early warning signs of the disease and self check steps.

Men are being encouraged to watch out for one or more of the following signs:
• A hard lump on the front side or side of the testicle
• Swelling or enlargement of a testicle
• An increase in firmness of a testicle
• Pain or discomfort in a testicle or in the scrotum (the sac that holds the testicles)
• An unusual difference between one testicle and the other
• A heavy feeling in the scrotum
• A dull ache in the lower stomach, groin or scrotum

Lawrence Dallaglio says, "I fully support the partnership between Cancer Research UK and Gillette. The more aware blokes are about the symptoms of testicular cancer the better. Catching it early can save your life."

Steve Newton, Senior Business Manager of Male Blades and Razors at Gillette Group UK commented: "With millions of men using Gillette products in the UK each day, we have a unique opportunity to talk to men, making us a natural choice to help Cancer Research UK raise awareness of testicular cancer."

Gavin Coopey, Development Director at Cancer Research UK said " It's hard to get young men to take in health messages, so the partnership with Gillette is a great way to get across the importance of checking your tackle, through a respected brand and at an appropriate time, while in the bathroom.  Nine out of ten men will survive testicular cancer, but it's vital that men detect any changes early to give them the best possible chance of a full recovery."

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