Adam - Wait And See

Adam Nowland is waiting to hear whether he will be allowed to stay at Gillingham for another month on loan or not.

Adam, who can't play at the weekend against the Hammers - that was a stipulation of the deal - says:

"I don't know what is going to happen to be honest though Gillingham want to extend it.

"My loan is actually up on Tuesday but obviously they have to speak to Alan Pardew and he has to make a decision and then talk to me.

"I have enjoyed playing games - it is better than sitting in the reserves or on the bench for the first team.

"But my long term aim is to be in the West Ham side so we will see where we go."

Adam has not been tapped up for information from his temporary colleagues, surprisingly, and he reveals:

"We have not spoken about the game once, to be honest; they have been trying to sort out their own tactics and trying not to think about West Ham.

"Wherever you look in the West Ham side there is quality so who do you defend against?

"You just have to deal with it on the day as best you can - and much better than they have been doing.

"There is a wide threat with Mattie and Luke and you have Teddy if he is fit, Marlon, Bobby, Nigel running from deep - the list is endless."