More Mo?

Peter Grant says that West Ham will still try to bring Rangers defender Maurice Ross to the club despite him having to return to Ibrox in time for the weekend.

Maurice had a day training at Chadwell Heath this week but was then recalled, and Peter explains:

"We understand Rangers' predicament - they have got an injury, they have a massive game next week in the Champions' League, and Maurice played in the first leg of it.

"They want him to be part of that and want him back, and we can't do much about it because we are in the same situation ourselves so we understand that.

"It was disappointing; Alan saw him yesterday and he would have been involved this weekend - with the conditions we are in defensively with the injuries we have got ourselves it is not ideal.

"But these things are sometimes sent to try you and you can't make excuses about it."

At least Maurice, who could yet be signed on loan for the season, has met the players and Peter adds:

"We have seen him face to face now but we knew what he was capable of - you don't play for Rangers, win those trophies, and play in the European Championships with Scotland without being a top player.

"We knew he had the attributes to play but it was nice to see him in our own environment.

"The boy is gutted and hoping everything can be resurrected again - he is desperate for that to happen - so we will just get through the weekend and hopefully still be be able to do something."

Peter is philosophical about the situation and adds:

"It is all part of football but it is difficult that we have got the injuries in the same position.

"We will have to juggle people about because that is part and parcel of having a small squad."

Trent McClenahan and Darren Blewitt have travelled to Crewe and Peter adds:

"We have a couple in for the first time and when one door closes another one opens.

"We were very disappointed last week; the first half was terrible so coming off the back of that it is not ideal.

"Usually with these guys involved it would be because things were going swimmingly, everyone is playing well, you are winning games, and it is easy to bring someone in.

"But when you are trying to build something on the back of a poor performance it makes it a little more difficult."