Alan On Discipline

Alan Pardew says he has introduced his own disciplinary code of conduct at the club - but insists it is for the good of all concerned and people should not read too much into it.

He explains:

"Most of the stuff is little indisciplines and little indisciplines that are important - I am not fining people for looking at me strangely!

"I am fining them for being late and so forth but I don't want to make too big an issue about that; I think the spirit in the place since I have come has been good and there are no problems on that side of it."

One newspaper highlighted the fact over the weekend but Alan says:

"When you haven't won a game people are going to start looking for stuff but I can only do what I do - it has brought me success and I will continue to do it.

"It is about the way we conduct ourselves on and off the training ground and the line of responsibility of everyone who carries the crest of West Ham - we want them to carry that with pride.

"We are trying to put things in place quickly without confusing the players' minds; you need clarity of mind to play well, and freedom."

Alan is determined to get out of what he calls the 'rut' of draws West Ham are in and he adds:

"There is nothing like winning to give everyone a lift and the fans have now seen two draws before I arrived, so it is now five in the league which is not what they want - there is nothing worse than that at times.

"You start getting accused of not going for the win and stuff like that - which is not true.

"I think last year I drew something like three games at Reading so it is ironic we have started out with something like this."

Despite still looking around for players to bring in, something he started to do even before his first match in charge with the capture of Hayden Mullins, he is keen to also stress that the existing players are of good quality as well.

"The beauty of it is that I am inheriting some great players though there has been perhaps a shortage of energy and bite in the side - the signing Hayden will address that to some extent.

"But there is a fair abundance of high technical quality and one of the pleasing things is that Trevor did a super job in keeping the spirit together.

"The guys are in a good frame of mind and that is important - and Trevor takes a lot of responsibility for that."

One of those existing players that he is happy to be working with is Don Hutchison, about whom Alan says:

"I see a great player who I want to get the best out of; he is someone who mentally needs to feel wanted, but like all great players, he is versatile.

"In my first three matches he has easily up there as one of our best players."