Ticket Update - Early Arrival Advised And New Opening Hours

To assist supporters in both purchasing and collecting tickets for Saturdays crucual match Vs West Bromwich Albion the ticket office counters will be open prior to Tuesdays reserve fixture until 7pm. The counters will also be open until 7pm on Thursday and Friday.
Whilst the Postal strike has at last been settled the knock on effects are preventing the ticket office posting tickets for Saturdays match, all bookings are being left for collection. So if you have either yet to purchase your tickets or have made a credit card booking and need to coollect your tickets why not beat the crowds Saturday and pick up your tickets during the extended opening hours.

Nationwide League Division 1

Saturday 8th November - 3pm Kick Off

West Ham United Vs West Bromwich Albion

This is a category A fixture and tickets are now on general sale.

Ticket prices start from £27 Adults and £15 Under 16 non-members.  

Tickets can be booked using a credit card on 0870 112 2700 or purchased in person from the stadium ticket office or our stores in either Lakeside or Bluewater. 

Unfortunately whilst it would appear that the postal workers are now returning to work the knock on affects of the unofficial strike are still severely distributing our normal procedures for the posting of tickets.

Where as normally we would post tickets up until the Thursday before the match day due to the length being quoted by the Royal Mail to clear the backlog we will not be posting any tickets for the West Brom fixture this week. 

If you make a credit card booking during the week starting the 3rd November your tickets will be left for collection and you must be able to collect your tickets no later then 12 o'clock  

As well as this weeks match tickets there are also the bookings taken during the week starting the 27th October, the ticket office was unable to post these tickets and they are also to be left for collection.

Should you have booked tickets previous to the strike and they are not received by Saturday please arrive at the ticket office no later then midday with your booking reference number, 

Whilst we appreciate the above may inconvenience some supporters should a large number of supporters arrive at the stadium late they will endure lengthy queues and possibly even miss the start of the match as a result, obviously we will do all we can to try and prevent this from occurring and we thank our supporters in advance for there cooperation in this matter.