Trevor: No Exodus

Trevor Brooking insists that, despite persistent rumours to the contrary, there need not be wholesale changes in playing personnel at Upton Park this summer.

"By the start of the season I expect there will be one or two that move on but, as I keep repeating, we want to try and keep that nucleus to give us a chance to bounce straight back," he says.

"There is a realisation that you have to 'cut your cloth' but not to the extent perhaps that one or two others have had to do in the past."

Referring to last week's EGM to change the Articles of Association at the club, he says: "It went okay. It is really a case of it being linked in with borrowing requirements and that caused, the week before, a speculative piece suggesting we were so much in debt we had to borrow a lot more money.

"We are not in a situation that one or two clubs last season were but naturally we were fortunate that we had one or two drop off the wage bill this summer."