Trevor's Total

Trevor Brooking feels it will be a lower points total than normal that will ensure safety this season.

"At the start of the season you would normally say 40 points," he explains, "but that is probably too many this year.

"It needs, though, a little flurry of two or three wins to get within touching distance of the teams above.

"By the end of February it will be clearer but we need to win four or five at homeand that is the psychological barrier we have to break through."

Trevor feels the Hammers had no luck against Arsenal on Sunday and, talking of the penalty decision that saw Steve Lomas sent off, he says:

"You are always looking at it with tinted glasses and there was a little tug, I suppose, but it didn't warrant him going down like he did - and for me it wasn't an obvious shooting opportunity which warranted a red card."

Of the other two goals, he adds:

"The crowd were just getting a little bit restless with 20 minutes to go and when you see the replay it is an obvious one.

"The third goal was a case of getting caught on the counter-attack and to lose in the manner we did because we need a break - and that win we desperately need. "Over the season everyone argues they balance themselves out but we need a win to kickstart a recovery."

Trevor, speaking before the Charlton game, adds:

"The chance is there but as each week goes by everyone puts more pressure on each other, and you can't keep looking at other sides.

"The only way is to get the wins, and that is why Newcastle recently was such a frustration - and as each week goes by it gets more and more elusive.

"Defensively there is that anxiety, but if you are putting pressure on by attacking, there is not the same pressure on the defence.

"Having Fredi and Paolo drifting back - not to mention the signing of Les Ferdinand - is a boost and will give options."

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