Glenn: I'm Not Afraid

Glenn Roeder says he is anticipating the Southampton game with no trepidation whatsoever.

It has been pointed out that the home game with the Saints last season was regarded as a 'must win' match - it was the Hammers' second win of the campaign and was followed up by back to back victories with Chelsea and Liverpool - but says:

"That is outside influences; everyone is looking for a different angle to come at I suppose they are making the same comparison, but it could be anyone else.

"It is simply our next game, our next opportunity - and that is what it is.

"Life is uncomfortable at the moment; I am very concerned with the position we are in but I can handle it is as far as the pressure is concerned.

"That really isn't a problem for me; I am not sure people always believe me but I can assure you it is true.

"We need to start winning now."

Glenn is more than happy with how the home fans have stuck behind the team despite nine win-less matches at Upton Park this campaign, and he adds:

"The fans have been terrific and have been absolutely right to moan; if I was sitting there with them I would probably be moaning myself.

"But I always maintain, and it is the truth, that as long as they realise we are hurting as much as they are."

Neither is he resorting to superstition to get that home win, despite a theory that the side switching to claret socks recently has been in a bid to gain victory!

"It won't be the colour of the socks or the colour of the shorts, it will be what is in them that counts, and that will always be the truth.

"People are superstitious about wearing different brands or boots, but it has got nothing to do with the boots, it is the person wearing the boots that matters, and I am certainly looking forward to the game."

But Glenn is looking at psychology as a way of boosting performance and concludes:

"We have just taken on a couple of guys to talk to a few of the players but it is much to early to say what impact they have had other than that the lads who have had a chat have been very impressed and we will be seeing them again.

"There are so many clubs, not just in the Premiership but outside it that employ people full time, like Tottenham, or part time.

"In American professional sport it is unheard of not to have a full time sports psychologist so we are a little bit behind the Americans.

"The psychologists are very experienced in this field, trained people who know their stuff, and I think it will be of benefit to three or four players in our team.

"They have worked with other sportsmen such as golfers and heads of big businesses, they have both got impressive CVs and came on a recommendation to me.

"One of the guys rang me up and I ended up speaking to him for a couple of hours, and both of them are confident this will have a positive effect on the players.

"But they have not been forced into it, and I don't believe anyone should be pushed into something they are not happy with.

"I am not going to push it down their faces because if they are not keen to do it, it is not going to help them.

"They have got to be receptive and after just one meeting, they all came out wanting to see more of this; it is something I will look at over a period of time.

"I'm very interested in psychology and that side of things - and I am now looking to see if we can have a positive reaction.

"I have always believed that ability and confidence are closely linked: you are what you think you are and this is definitely worth something pursuing."