Paul: Players Are Angry

Paul Goddard admits the players are angry following Saturday's 4-1 defeat at Aston Villa.

"They are a little bit angry at each other, themselves, everything - and that is the way it should be," says Paul.

"You wouldn't expect them to be happy, would you?"

Paul hopes the players can channel that feeling into positive energy and adds: "We are bottom and there is only one way to go.

"There is masses of pressure on us but that is what we have all got to deal with.

"Obviously we had a long debate after the game. They weren't happy, and nor is anyone, but that is what we are here to try and eradicate."

Paul says the responsibility for the defeat - and the defending therein - lies with everyone, not just the defenders, and adds: "We attacked flamboyantly as a team and created a number of chances but we certainly didn't defend as a team throughout which is why there were chances at the other end - which is why it was such an open game.

"You point out our deficiencies defending as a team; with two banks of four we didn't defend all of us as a team.

"You have got to take chances because they change the shape of the game, but my point is that we have to defend as a team. Everybody has to defend, not just the back four.

"We attacked well, but didn't take our chances and left ourselves open - it could have ended up 5-5 with the way the game shaped.

"The application to defend properly wasn't quite there throughout for everyone, and that is what we need because we will always create opportunities with the players we have got; we need to dig in and defend more.

"It must have been a great game for neutral fans or Aston Villa fans because it was end to end."

Paul also says the finishing was not of the required standard and adds: "We had 16 shots and five first class opportunities - top class chances, and we only took one.

"Goals do change the course of games and unfortunately they took their chances very well while we defended poorly.

"Their first two goals were real scrappy ones, but if we had gone to 1-1 it would have been a completely different game.

"In the first half the defenders did a half decent job in containing things, but the flow was too much in the second half.

"With Hendrie's goal it has ricocheted off two people, bounced here and bounced there, and a couple of people have looked and dallied - it is a dreadfully, scrappy horrible goal, as was the second, which was almost identical.

"We had a couple of chances to clear, there was a little bit of jinking, then a little side pass and it got stuck away.

"We had those chances at 1-0 to get the equaliser with two one on ones from Trevor and Edouard, they got the second, then we got our first, and you think 'this is it'.

"But two minutes later we conceded a free kick out wide and give another sloppy goal away.

"Dublin's goal was a set piece and David knows he didn't do very well - it was another scrappy, horrible goal.

"But everyone has to take responsibility; it is not just the problem of one area."

It was not a happy return to Villa Park for David James, who admits: "We've let West Ham down and although the manager will stand up there and take the stick, which is admirable, the team know it's not his fault.

"It is not an issue for the manager, it's down to us as players - we've got international ones who are at the bottom of the league and that doesn't go hand in hand.

"One unlucky result is fair enough, two becomes an issue and three becomes a problem.

"Last week I said it couldn't get any worse - but now we are bottom.

"I thought we attacked pretty well, and the frustrating thing is that we did create chances - but to a man we didn't defend properly as a team.

"The fans showed their disapproval, which you can't blame them for, and the result doesn't help anyone.

"We win, lose and draw together and we are not blaming one guy in the corner - which is good in one respect.

"But the fact is Villa were there for the beating - the opportunities weren't taken and we didn't defend and we are taking one step forward and two steps back."