Glenn's Transfer Target

Glenn Roeder is hoping to bring in one, if not two players at the start of the transfer window being re-opened.

"In an ideal world you would like a player in the club on January the 1st so he can start playing immediately," explains Glenn, who is keen not to have to wait to the back end of January to complete his wheeling and dealing for the season.

"To do that you have to have specific targets now and have to be working on them in the next few weeks - and getting agreements in mid-December, or certainly before Christmas, anyway.

"That way the player could perhaps come over a week early, train with players, and be included in the team straight away.

"There are not a lot of players available out there but we have been working hard for the last six weeks with our scouts and agents.

"I have to say the pool of players is not big but you keep chipping away and hoping that one phone call will turn up the player you are looking for.

"We are looking at all possibilities and many parts of the world and I feel certain we will get at least one new player into the club - it is vital that we do.

"If there is a possibility of getting two, that would be better, as it would give the squad a boost - and I think the players would want that as well.

"They know how small the senior squad is in terms of strength in depth and a couple of new faces freshens everyone up; as long as the players coming in have that quality you are looking for it gives everyone a lift."

The main target is a striker, and Glenn adds:

"The biggest concern for us is that when Fredi is out for any length of time it is very difficult for us to compete at the top half of the pitch; he is the only big physical striker we have.

"Fredi he also brings technical ability as well, and, as he proved last year, the ability to score every two or two and a half games.

"Jermain and Paolo both enjoy having a big, technically gifted physical presence alongside them - it helps them both.

"When Paolo weaves his ball skills in wide areas and stands balls up in the area for people to head home, we haven't got the type of player to achieve that when Fredi is not playing.

"They both benefit from having that big striker alongside them, because as much as you like to play the ball in to feet or in behind with passes along the ground you can't always do it, and you need the option of being able to clip the ball in the air to a striker - and when you do that with Jermain, it is difficult, if not impossible.

"Then, if it can't be held up, all your midfielders are doing is winning that second ball that is headed into midfield - which is less than ideal for the way we like to play.

"But if we clip a ball up when Fredi is in the team there is every chance that he will pull it down on his chest, flick it on, or use his strength and bring our midfield into the game.

"There is no doubt about it, the type of striker I am looking for is someone like Fredi who is physically strong."

Fredi could return to action this weekend and Glenn adds:

"I am hoping when he comes back he plays the rest of the season and has no problems; as he has been out two months we don't want him to pick up any more injuries, the flu, a virus or anything - we need him fit for the rest of the season.

"But if he is to miss a few games, for whatever reason, we need to get an option that is similar to him.

"It is very hard to find; the ones you would want wouldn't necessarily be released for five months on loan.

"But somewhere something will happen hopefully and we will get that striker we want - that is what all our efforts are concentrated on."