Ward Backs Glenn

Former West Ham star Mark Ward says that Glenn Roeder is right not to rant and rave from the touchline during a tough period for the Hammers.

It has been remarked upon recently in some sections of the media that Glenn is relatively undemonstrative, as if that is to the detriment of his side's performances, but Mark, now assistant manager at Leigh RMI in the Conference, says: "I have taken a lot from all the managers I have played under and I think screaming and shouting is not the way to coach, or to be as a person.

"On the pitch, perhaps, but in the dressing room it is different and I think I am quieter now.

"When you look at the successful managers you see they don't scream and shout a lot - John Lyall didn't.

"He was a man I respected so much and like a father figure to me; when he had something to say he would pull you to one side and I think that is the best way to get a few points across to players."

Mark knows that the spotlight is on the Hammers because of their lowly position, and adds: "The pressure is on every week, and it is phenomenal the extent of it on players nowadays.

"Hopefully they can get a result soon. Even though I am a True Blue Evertonian, West Ham will always be close to my heart.

"The home form has been the strength over the last few seasons while the away form has been abysmal.

"But I think it is only a matter of time before they get that first home win - they just need to get some points on the board.

"They have got some quality players and they have got to start picking up some points between now and Christmas because if they are still down there at that time the pressure is on.

"Once a side goes out of the Premiership it is so hard to get back in - you only have to look at Ipswich's plight at the moment.

"I am looking for West Ham's results every week. There is a good young crop of players and I fancied them to do well after watching them a lot last season.

"But they have a bad start and it is so important to have a good start in the Premiership - not many teams start badly and do well for the rest of the season."

Mark admits he is disappointed that his boss in the 1985-86 season, when West Ham finished third, is no longer in football, preferring to spend his time tending to his farm in Norfolk.

Says Mark: "It is a shame John Lyall has been lost to the game, and another ex-manager of mine, Howard Kendall, is in the same boat.

"Howard is still a young man and I suppose he has been a lot more successful than John, but I do feel John has been lost.

"I was speaking to Tony Cottee's dad recently and we were looking at some of the goals from that '86 season, which was good to see.

"We had goal scorers that year but if we had brought another defender in the season after and strengthened the squad maybe we could have done better, because we were poor after that year."