Glenn: No Regrets

Glenn Roeder insists he has "no regrets" about taking the job as West Ham United manager last year - despite the problems he currently faces.

Glenn says that his first game in charge of the club - as caretaker at Middlesbrough on the final day of the 2000-01 season - seems an age away, but that he is up to the ongoing challenge in front of him.

"There are no regrets," he says. "I got brought up in a world where the saying goes 'it is better to regret doing something than to regret not doing it.'

"There is no doubt about it in my eyes. If there are to be regrets, then have them for doing something, and I am still very confident this is going to turn round in our favour - and that there will be credit to be had by all of us - not only me, but the players as well.

"None of us want this on our CVs. We want to turn it around as soon as we can.

"We know we have to and hopefully we will start on Saturday."

As for revisiting the site of his first game in charge, shortly after the departure of Harry Redknapp in May 2001, he adds: "It does seem a long time away and certainly a lot of things have happened since for me personally; there is no doubt about it, since that first game in charge as a caretaker manager.

"But because of the experience of last year, how well it finished and how difficult it was at the start, and with what is happening this year, I am far better equipped to do the job because of the experience I have now compared to that day I was up at Middlesbrough.

"Although we unfortunately lost the game I thoroughly enjoyed the experience."

Glenn knows it hasn't become any easier to face Boro, though. Middlesbrough have won six and drawn two of their league games at home this season - echoes of the Hammers' home form of last.