Glenn: Two Will Do

Glenn Roeder says that he will settle for two new players when the transfer window opens in January - but admits he would always like more.

"If you ask any manager, if he gets one new face he really wanted two, and if he gets two he really wanted three; you always want one more than you can actually afford and I'd be no different," he admits as he looks to the transfer activity that will take place next month.

"If I get two players of the quality and motivation that I want to help us through this tough period I would be happy, though.

"But we have to face facts; it is going to be a long hard struggle and it is a fight that we must win - and the players that come in must win the fight and scrap hard with the rest of the players.

"We have been working hard for the last two months on targeting players and we have certainly got a decent list; it is no secret that I would like to bring in a striker with some physical presence so that when Fredi Kanoute is unavailable we can maintain that physical presence in the attacking part of the team.

"If I can bring in more than one player and also bring in a defender, that would be ideal, but we will have to wait and see.

"We are really just waiting to talk to the players and to find out if they are going to be available and if they would like to come and join us.

"Lots of players relish the opportunity to come and play in the Premiership and the the opportunity to come and play for a London club - it is a massive attraction for players around the world.

"Our position in the table at the moment doesn't help but I still think there are players who could help us who would come, particularly on loan, with a view that if things went well then they would stay with us after that.

"There is an amount of money for loan signings and that's why I believe that I will be able to get at least two players.

"I think that there are one or two teams that will be knocked out of the UEFA Cup in the next couple of weeks and I think that some of the players in their squads will be available.

"The whole of Europe is really struggling financially and some players who you might think wouldn't be allowed to leave, will be allowed to just to get them off of the wages for six months."

Yet again, the media are piling the pressure on Glenn, forgetting that nine managers in a 107 year history is hardly the stuff of which panic is created simply by being bottom of the table."

Glenn is asked weekly at the moment about whether he would consider quitting but his message is stark:

"I don't know the meaning of throwing in the towel; people might say I am mild mannered - but I can fight with the best of them if I need to.

"I turned it around last year and I must be better equipped this year to do the same this; we are looking at every reason as to why this is happening to us and trying different types of things - we have even been to Upton Park and trained before we've actually played there, but that first home win still eludes us.

"But when you are on a bad run you have to remain positive and attack the next game - and that is what we'll do against Southampton."

Glenn hopes the fans stay behind the team and adds:

"I think that our supporters have been fantastic and I am not trying to win them over by saying that; I am genuinely pleased that they have been so placid, and I have got no complaints whatsoever with any of the supporters.

"I think that the majority of them see me for what I am - an honest and genuine person with no ego at all - and I would like to think that there is no flashiness about me.

"They could have moaned a lot more and, when they have moaned, they have been spot-on, but I think the majority see me for what I am - an honest and genuine person with no ego - and they know where I am coming from, which I think is important.

"That alone, though, is not going to get results; I am finding it so frustrating that I am seeing the same errors being made, particularly in the defence.

"I am working as hard as it is possible to work, even harder than I worked last year, but football is a professional sport, a results-orientated business, and you have to achieve them.

"At the moment we are not achieving results, and that has to change."