Trevor's Delight

Trevor Sinclair believes the supporters are getting behind him once again.
He received a mixed reception on Saturday, his first home game since he put in his transfer request.
But another committed display against Chelsea appears to have had a marked effect, and Trevor says:
"It's always nice when you win games; obviously my transfer request has been denied and I am continuing to give 100 % to West Ham."
"I'm getting round it and the fans are beginning to give me the support they have in the past, which I fully appreciate.
"The crowd gave us all a lot of support and obviously gave the opposing team a bit of abuse; if that puts them off their game then all well and good.
"It was a London derby with a great atmosphere and the supporters really got behind us."
But Trevor's thoughts were more for the manager than himself, and he adds:
"We dedicate that performance and all three points to the gaffer; he has taken a lot of criticism and people have said he is not the right man, but everyone wanted it to work for him because he IS the right man."
Trevor believes the side showed determination as well as creativity, and adds:
"I thought we showed a lot of battling qualities; we soaked it up well after going 2-0 up against a great team.
"They showed why they had been unbeaten but we dug in well, withstood a lot of pressure and deserved it in the end."
And Frank Lampard's performance?
"Average! He got booed but I think he would have been a little bit disappointed if he hadn't have been.
"It took the pressure off me which is always helpful!"
Frank of course was substituted towards the end, and Trevor adds:
"They have got such a talented squad if they want to change the way they play they can take quality players like Frank off and bring other quality players on."