Glenn's On The Bench

Glenn Roeder will be watching the game against Tottenham from a bench rather than the new dug-out in the Dr Martens stand.

"The dug-outs are set back into the lower tier but, with the pitch being so far away at the moment, it wouldn't be viable to watch the game from there," he explains.

"I envisage having benches where the dug-outs were. We can't use the perspex dug-outs because that would restrict the view for the supporters, so let's hope it is not a rainy day or we are all going to get soaked."

He has no complaints, though, and adds: "I'm sure the stadium will be looking terrific - it is improving all the time and it will be the biggest crowd for a good number of years so hopefully we can get the result we all want.

"With the lower tier open it will be the biggest all-seated crowd ever at Upton Park."