Burning Question

With the 2001-02 season halfway through, how would you sum up the campaign so far? What are your views on the form of the team, the new players that Glenn Roeder has brought to the club, the highlights, and your hopes for the second half of the season?

Your Replies:

Alan Murray, Cranham
I feel that the season has not gone too bad. We have really picked ourselves up after the massacres at Everton and Blackburn and the team are showing their potential now. The highlight so far is clearly acheiving our 2001 double over Man Utd at Old Trafford.  Glenn has made some fantastic signings in Hutchison, James, Repka and Schemmel, all of whom have contributed well so far, especially Schemmel (player of the year?). I'm hoping for a good top half finish as I think Europe is just out of reach this year, but with Joe, Michael and Jermain playing as they are, who knows!

Stu Tempest, Durham
After a disappointing start to the season, things have gradually got better to a point where I think we can push for a UEFA Cup spot in the second half of the season.The signing of Repka has been a great one and Don is playing much better on the right.Cole and Carrick have been superb of late and one if not both will go to the World Cup. Defoe has proved he can score in the Premiership and is going to be an outstanding player for club and country. Highlight? The form of Cole, Carrick and Defoe and of
course the win at Old Trafford. Oh, and can we have a decent Cup run please!

Bryan Devlin, Chelmsford
The performances so far this year have been encouraging and there is no reason why they should not continue. We have now played all the teams that are so-called favourites to win the league and have not been beaten by any of them. Good luck for 2002 and well done the board for being brave enough to appoint Glenn, keep it up boys and we might even get to Europe next year.

Simon Holmes, Moreton
It has been a strange season so far, we have had some very poor results, and some outstading ones too. We are not doing so well as this time last year but after a slow start it's amazing we are not in the relegation zone. We are definitely progressing. And Glenn has been suprising us all with the way things have gone so far, great signings and great results (sometimes). 10th spot would be nice, or higher.

Chester Shepherd, London
Well done Glenn Roeder. I didn't know what to expect but before his appointment but he has made superb signings in Repka, James and Hutchinson.

Neil Fox, Bristol
I am very pleased with the way the Hammers are playing at the moment. Credit must go to Glenn for playing the midfield format of
Joe, Trev, Mike and Hutch.

Phil Milbourne, Dereham, Norwich
I think Glenn has done a excellent job, like I thought he would - unlike a lot of other fans. He has started to build a good team but he still does need to make a couple more signings, especially in defence, although they are improving. Hopefully we can finish in the top half of the table and maybe clinch a UEFA or Intertoto spot.