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Hammers using Supply Life food intolerance tests

With Premier League, UEFA Europa League and domestic cup football all on the fixture list in 2023/24, West Ham United players are set to take to the pitch more than 50 times this season.

And with football being faster and more intense than ever before, the Club is invested in making sure the players can perform and feel at their best each and every time they pull on a Claret and Blue shirt.

Players are given individually tailored training routines and nutritional plans, medical and psychological support, sports therapy, time for rest and recovery and scientifically formulated supplements provided by official supplier Soccer Supplement.

The Club has also been working Supply Life, whose food intolerance tests are used by Premier League footballers, Olympic athletes and professional boxers, for the past three seasons.

Supply Life’s easy-to-use kits use a simple pin-prick blood test that, following analysis, detect IgG (Immunoglobulin G) antibody responses in your body to certain foods and tell you which foods work well for your body and which foods to avoid.

For professional footballers, applying Supply Life’s test results to the diets of individual players can have real and immediate sporting benefits, including improved flexibility, reduced gastrointestinal inflammation and decreased bodyfat percentage. It can also reduce dips in energy, bloating and other IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) issues.

“We use Supply Life here at West Ham primarily because they use microarray technology and test every sample twice, so we know the accuracy is good,” said men’s first-team fitness coach Josh Ewens. “Also, the feedback we get back from them is unbelievably clear for the players to understand in terms of putting in place changes to benefit their performances.

“It’s important that every player has their own bespoke nutritional plan for their performance, for their recovery and for their immune function.”

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