West Ham United pledge to #GetOnside!


West Ham United have today pledged to #GetOnside and have unveiled their pledge to encourage more women and girls to take up the sport. 

This year, Women in Football is encouraging the industry to be on the same side of change when it comes to gender equality in football. 

To be onside means you are actively helping to bring about the permanent and positive change for women in football, on and off the pitch. 

Almost three-quarters of WIF members (71 per cent) want more support for the development of women in leadership roles, nearly four out of five WIF members (78 per cent) want more gender diversity in boardrooms, and almost one in three (29 per cent) have experienced social media abuse based on their gender.

#GetOnside tackles issues like these head-on as organisations and individuals pledge to provide women in the game with greater support, mentoring, visibility, opportunities and networking.

The Hammers have pledged to #GetOnside by:

  • Supporting the development of women’s and girls’ football in East London and Essex.
  • Building on the partnerships with our Sister Clubs and encouraging more women and girls to take up the sport. 
  • Sharing our resources and supporting expertise with those involved in our Sister Club Programme. 
  • Providing our Sister Clubs with tickets to our women’s home matches, organising for players to attend our Sister Club’s training sessions and inviting our Sister Club’s coaches to bespoke events.
  • By being proactive in tackling the lack of diversity of girls and female staff in football.


For more information, please visit womeninfootball.co.uk.