The Academy of Football | Episode 4

"Whatever it may be, we make sure they have as much information about that player [as possible].

"If you don't believe the player has the potential to go on and play in West Ham's first team, I feel like you're wasting your time."

Working six and seven-day weeks, Delroy Ebanks attends hundreds of football matches across the country - and beyond - every season.

The U12s-U23s Recruitment Manager leads an expansive department of talent spotters at the Academy of Football, assembling extensive information on thousands of young footballers each and every year.

Travelling, data analysis, observation and profiling all form part of Ebanks' daily routine as he seeks out the Premier League's potential next world-class star.

As part of the Academy of Football video series, WHTV cameras followed Ebanks to an U18s fixture in the 2019/20 season, discovering exactly what the Recruitment Manager is looking for each and every time he hears the whistle for kick-off.

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