Wednesday 11 Nov
Updated Wednesday 11 Nov 12:00

West Ham United thanks our Armed Forces on Remembrance Day


West Ham United is paying tribute to Hammers fans who have served or are serving in the Armed Forces this Remembrance Day.

Dozens of brave West Ham supporters past and present were featured in a moving montage which was shown on the big screens at London Stadium at Saturday's Premier League fixture with Fulham.

The Academy of Football also paid tribute to The West Ham Pals, the regiment of soldiers drawn from east London that featured Hammers players, who fought so bravely on the Western Front during the First World War.

And, as the world fall's silent in memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice, and to thank those who risk their lives to keep us safe, we feature those same supporters on today:

Air Trooper Edward Bryant
Mick & Carl RN
Simon Marsh
David Vallance
George Evans
Ted Fitzgerald
Michael Edwards
Bill Wood
Gary Firth
Timothy Cocklin
Stewart and Ben Clark
Leonard Mower
Brad Halfacre
Kevin Potter
Stephen Bergmann
Patrick Slaney
MA Hannah Jefferson
Steve Milchard
Cpl Stephen Smith
Adam Ford
Sam Smith
Luke Knight
Tyler Hudson
Lee Turner
Harry Edgeler (4th Suffolk Regiment)
Mike Mills
Doreen Hughes
Frank Ryan
George Foster
Maj McGinn
Tony Freeman
George Allen
Cpl Brian Leach
Brad O’Reilly
George Jones
Stephen Dobinson
Keith England with cadet Bobby England
Billy Lack
Ron and Joy Dunn (RAF and WAAF in WWII)
Stuart Duck
Cpl Ben Golds
Eric Marsh
Alf Frankson
Alfred Hannan
Derek Brown
Colin Pountney
Riffleman Francis John Rutter (Royal Green Jackets)
Wendy Reilly
Martin Wright
Cpl Dan Pain
Tony Lawrence
Cpl Hallworth
Paul Barnard
Russell Kemp
John Ramsden
Ben Lake
Mark Newns
John Ehrlich
Dan (serving Royal Marine)
Steven Jones
Martin Payne
WO1 Jay Gordon (Royal Army Physical Training Corps)
John Shipton
Patrick Moore
Simon Peirce
Maj Stephen Haywood
Rob Johnboy Walton
Mick Ramshaw
Maj Jackie Wilding
‘Noggs’ Craig Noler
SGT Christopher Page
Sapper Adam Brotherwood
John Bird
Charles Frederick Couchman
Sgt Sean South
Adam Scowen
Dean Ford
Sgt Micheal Collins
Jelly Eeles
Harry Dawson
Liam Round
Cpl Tom Cooper
John Pavitt
Chris Cheshire (ex 4 Royal Green Jackets, now 7 Rifles)
L/Cpl Ernest Leonard (1896-1917)
Cpl  Colin Atkinson
Jeremiah Carson
Piers Stanley
Laurence Pack
Pt Harry Noakes
Matthew Elliott
Tarra Scott (Royal Air Force Police)
Henry 'Harry' Howard
Hayden Barrett
Liam Dyas
Billy Kerrison
Stephen Playford
John Maskell
Bobby Maskell
Sgt Ben Street with his granddad Sgt Wally Street
Rick Henderson
Tom Duncan
Marc Ault
WO2 Kelvin Rickersey
Sgt Mark Rider
Albert Edgley
Mark Howlett
Archibald Ettridge
Alan Beech (28 Amphibious Engineer Regiment, Royal Engineers)
BA Bdr Towler
Captain James Rayner RM
Albert Cornish
Colin Davis
John Frost
Stuart Darney
George and William Kemp
Ryan Webster
Fred Regan
Scott Squibb (Ex-7 Rifles)
Antony McDonald
Steve Fletcher
Matthew Biggs
Billy Fox
Jay Gordon
Capt Georgina Ashton
Sgt Jon Fretwell
Albert W. May.
Cpl Stuart Stone
Capt Georgina Ashton
Jonathan Fretwell
Stephen John Allen
Ricky Crafer
Gareth Smith
Richard Rattigan
Pete Pile
SAC Nick Davies
Sgt Paul Bolden
Mark Massow
Bradley Wild
Ian and Helen Smith
James Dorrington
Daniel Morgan
Roger Wholey
Alfie Newland
Chris Peacock (RAuxAF Command Warrant Officer)
Nick Mcintyre
James Giles
Robert Ellis
Hayden Crowhurst
Edward Robinson
Michael Butcher
Pete Sheldrake
Mason Preston
Walter Fisk
Ross Griffiths
Arthur Briggs
L/Cpl Crowhurst
Paul Lorkin
Fred Bailey (13th Battalion, Essex Regiment, ‘West Ham Pals’, 8 Aug 1900-30 Nov 1917)
Donald Morrison
Frank Slade (Eighth Army)
Ian Cartwright
Walter John Webb
Bailey Burns
Danny Daly
Andrew Bush
Alfred Reeves
Peter Chapman