How West Ham United's head chef Edd Nicell is feeding the frontline

Compassion London


He may be more used to feeding the West Ham United first-team squad at their Rush Green training base, but during the lockdown head chef Edd Nicell has used his culinary skills to benefit a different team of people – NHS staff and other key workers.

Based at Wembley Stadium, Nicell has been volunteering for a charity called Compassion London, who are made up of a group of professional chefs, foodies and volunteers who have come together to cook and deliver delicious, nutritious meals for those who need them the most.

Compassion London have recruited a team of chefs, delivery drivers and support staff working seven days a week to prepare, cook and deliver up to 20,000 meals each day to vulnerable people in the community and, the NHS and support workers on the front line in the fight against COVID-19.

Since the outbreak of the virus, West Ham United has encouraged employees to volunteer for local causes to help the Club play its part in community support, something Nicell has taken advantage of.

This comes on the back of the Club’s pledge of support for local NHS Trusts across East London and Essex, committing to a range of new positive community initiatives which will help the NHS to provide vital support for patients and staff.


Compassion London


Taking time out from his volunteering efforts, Nicell reflected: “With football taking a pause and the players not eating at Rush Green, we’ve given them personalised nutrition plans to follow at home.

“That’s given me some time to look at ways I can help the cause, and volunteering with Compassion London has allowed me to use my expertise in nutrition to create healthy, nutritious meals for people that need it, like our key workers.

“The recipes are packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and energy, to keep them fuelled for all the long shifts. 

“It’s great that I’m able to do this – and I’m hoping I’ll be back cooking for the players and staff again soon. Compassion London are in real need of more help though, so if anyone out there can offer their support in any way, it would mean so much.”

Fans that want to follow Edd’s recipes can find some of the players’ favourites and other ideas like store cupboard treats on the Hammers At Home hub or by clicking on the graphic below.

More information on Compassion London can be found here.

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