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Who has the best skills? Julia Simic reveals all about her West Ham United teammates

Julia Simic teammates feature


Julia Simic shares the inside track on her West Ham United women's teammates…

Who is the funniest? 

We have a really funny squad! But I would have to say Kate Longhurst is definitely the team clown. She is always dancing and doing silly things, so it's definitely her.

Who is the most likely to become a coach? 

I have a couple of coaching badges so I could say myself, but I also know that Laura Vetterlein is keen to get into coaching. I could also see Tessel Middag being a coach. She thinks a lot about the tactical side of the game.

Who is the most skilful? 

It is 100 per cent Laura. She is like a freestyler! She can do so many tricks and skills and flicks. I think Katharina Baunach has the best touch of the ball though. She is really technical. 

Who is the longest getting ready after a game? 

I have to be honest and say I can take a really long time after a match. I think Kenza Dali is really chilled as well so it can take her a little while to get ready. There are no worries so just take your time. 

Julia Simic and Kenza Dali in West Ham United training


Who has the weirdest pre-match routine? 

I can tell you mine: I never go out for food the day before a game. I just can’t do it. I have to eat in, at home. I’ve never done it, so it has become a routine for me now. 

Who is the hardest working trainer?

It's between Tessel Middag and Katharina Baunach. Both are such good, hard trainers. They work so, so hard.

Who has the best fashion sense? 

It has to be Kenza. I would say Kenza has a special fashion sense. I would also say Alisha Lehmann. 

Who is the team DJ?

Jacynta Galabadaarachchi likes to think she is, but some of her song choices are just dodgy. Kate and Gilly Flaherty also do the music sometimes. For me, Kate is the best of those three. 

Julia Simic and Alisha Lehmann in West Ham United training


Who is the latest in the morning? 

It’s a tie between Kate and me. I don’t even live far from the training ground and I’m able to drive, but I am always rushing in the morning!

Who has a hidden talent? 

Cho So-hyun and Tessel can both play the piano, and I’ve heard Kenza can paint. 

Who is your best friend in the squad? 

It’s Alisha! Her and I live together now, and she was the first one in the team last season that I met. We could talk German together and we helped each other a lot.


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