Anna Moorhouse opens up on her West Ham United women's teammates!

Anna Moorhouse | Teammates


Anna Moorhouse offers her observations on her West Ham United colleagues…

Who is the funniest?

It has to be Kate Longhurst. Not because of the things that she says, but definitely because of the things that she does. For example, her dancing during prehab is always absolutely hilarious. You can do your best not to laugh, but she will get you laughing in the end. 

Most likely to become a coach? 

I’m not sure… perhaps Julia Simic? We did a coaching course not too long ago and she was really into it! 

Who has the best skills?

I’ve heard a few people have said Laura Vetterlein for this, so I will need to check that out for myself. I think I will give it to Jacynta Galabadaarachchi though. Jas has very good feet.

Who is the longest getting ready after a match? 

It’s probably me to be honest! I just like to take my time in the shower. There is no point rushing it after a game. You can’t rush the getting-ready routine.

Who has the strangest pre-match routine? 

I wouldn’t call any of them weird. When I come in from our warm-up, I put my socks and boots on. But I have to put my left on first – my left sock and then my left boot – and then the right afterwards. That’s just me, though.



Who is the hardest working player in training?

I think everyone works really hard. For me, I don’t see anyone not working hard during training.

Who has the best fashion sense? 

Kenza Dali’s sense of fashion is pretty cool. I think it’s more important that no one actually seems to have a bad fashion sense. Gilly Flaherty has a one-piece tracksuit that is a little bit suspect though. 

Who is the team DJ? 

It varies. I can’t have a shower without music on so I will put it on sometimes. It depends who is in the dressing room first, I think! 

Who is the last one to arrive for training? 

I’m going to say Kate. She’s normally running around, making her porridge before the team meeting, sitting down as the meeting starts.

Who loses their temper the quickest?

It’s probably me again. I can get quite hot-headed out there. It’s something I’m working on though, I promise!

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