Tessel Middag reveals all about her West Ham teammates!

Tessel Middag teammates


Tessel Middag gives the rundown of her West Ham United teammates...

Who is the funniest? 

It has to be Kate Longhurst. She makes me laugh on a daily basis because of her funny dancing. 

Who is most likely to become a coach? 

I know a few people have said me, but I’m going to say Gilly Flaherty. She is a leader and she is so confident speaking in front of people. There’s a few though. I could see Kate Longhurst, Laura Vetterlein and Julia Simic stepping up as well. 

Who is the most skilful? 

I’ll say Jacynta Galabadaarachchi. In one of our first sessions together she did this amazing lobbed pass over the defence, which no one expected. 

Who takes the longest getting ready after a match? 

I reckon Alisha Lehmann. She likes to do her make-up and her eyelashes, so I reckon it’s Alisha. 

Tessel Middag


Who has the best fashion sense? 

I’m going to say Julia Simic. She dresses so smartly. I’ve seen her going into business meetings wearing some brilliant outfits. 

Who is the team DJ? 

It’s normally Gilly. During our training sessions, she will put the music on and she’s really good at making sure it’s diverse and everyone has something in there that they like. It’s different music everyday but, as long as it’s something we can dance to, we’re all happy. 

Who is the latest to training? 

We have a fine system in place for things like lateness, but I don’t think there’s been any need to use it so far! 

Who has a hidden talent? 

I know Cho So-hyun can play the piano, and I can play as well. Gilly has great business acumen, but that’s not a hidden talent to be fair. There are quite a few good singers here as well. 

Who loses their temper the quickest? 

It’s probably Kate. I think that’s because of her passion. Sometimes, in games, that can be a good thing. She can spur us up and give us more energy. 


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