Wednesday 29 May
Updated Tuesday 04 Jun 09:24
Season Tickets

Season Ticket Relocation windows open now

The relocation window for Bondholders then Season Ticket Holders opened on Monday 3 June following the renewal deadline on Friday 31 May.

With another extremely high renewal rate, seat options will be limited with a number of areas being fully occupied by Season Ticket Holders or having just single seats available.

Relocation priority is based on how early Season Ticket Holders renewed and supporters who have renewed will receive a relocation window by email advising when they can call the Ticket Office to review options.

Click here to view the relocation windows.

Please note that access to the stadium seating is not available during the close season, so supporters will be unable to look at seats in person.

Once the relocation period ends on 10 June, supporters on the Waiting List will have the opportunity to secure a Season Ticket - in order of when they joined - and will be contacted with further details on how to select their seats, so we advise to check your email and mobile number details are up to date by either logging in to or calling the Ticket Office on 0333 030 1966.

If you’re not already on the Waiting List then you can join for just £10 here.

Remember, if you’re a Season Ticket Holder and have not renewed for the 2019/20 season, you only have until 5pm this Friday to renew - you can do so online here.


I am in a group of Season Ticket Holders, can we relocate together?

Due to seat availability, you will have more chance of relocating if moving in singles or pairs. Groups wishing to relocate will only be able to select in the window for the group member who renewed at the latest point, so as to not disadvantage others. Please make sure you have to hand all client references, names, and postcodes within the group.

Can I relocate to a different price band?

Yes, if your relocation falls into a different price band, the difference in cost will either be refunded or required to be paid in full immediately. As there will be no access to the stadium seating bowl during relocations, supporters are reminded to familiarise themselves with the stadium seating blocks and price bands ahead of their window. You can view our stadium map and pricing by clicking here.

What will I need when calling the Ticket Office about my relocation?

It is important to have your client reference number and postcode to hand and you should have two locations within the stadium you are wishing to relocate to. If you relocate to a higher price band you will need payment details to pay the difference immediately. In the interest of fairness, seats cannot be placed on reserve.