West Ham Women take the #ZOConfident Penalty Challenge


The FIFA Women’s World Cup starts this week in France, with a quartet of West Ham United stars set to feature on the biggest stage! 

Scotland’s Jane Ross, Canada’s Adriana Leon, Ria Percival of New Zealand and Cho So-hyun of Korea Republic will be at the biggest competition in women’s football this summer from the Irons. 

In preparation for the tournament, which begins next Friday as hosts France take on Cho’s Korea Republic, West Ham United women’s partners ZO Skin Health challenged members of the team to take part in a global penalty shoot-out challenge. 

Players from Europe took on stars from the Rest of the World in a bid to determine which side had more steel in a traditional penalty shoot-out. 

For Europe lined up Lucienne Reichardt, Alisha Lehmann, Rosie Kmita, Leanne Kiernan and Jane Ross. The Rest of the World was comprised of Adriana Leon, Brooke Hendrix, Erin Simon, Brianna Visalli and Cho So-hyun.

Which side will take the prize and can truly claim to be #ZOConfident? Watch the video above to find out! 

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