'It's a newer and crisper experience' - Jamboo on FIFA 18

Chicharito on FIFA 18

West Ham United’s official eSports player Jamboo gives his lowdown on the newly-released EA Sports FIFA 18...

THE release of the newest FIFA is one of the biggest events in the gaming calendar, but whereas in some previous years the hotly-anticipated football game has fallen a little flat, FIFA 18 has burst onto the scene this season with the feel of a newer and crisper experience.

Visually, FIFA 18 is absolutely stunning. It’s hard not to fall in love with the graphics of EA’s newest game. It’s the closest experience to actually watching a live football match that I’ve ever seen, and West Ham’s London Stadium is perfectly designed and recreated, down to the shadow that shades over one side of the ground.

Other FIFA titles have sometimes been one-dimensional, but that problem appears to have finally been resolved in ’18. There’s so much more visual scope for players to exploit, including incredibly detailed celebrations and fans in the ground.

Gameplay is also trickier, which in my opinion is good to see. It’s become a lot harder to defend in FIFA 18, which in turn will make matches higher scoring and more exciting. It will actually become a skill to defend, which in turn allows for a different calibre of FIFA player to rise up the ranks.

Andre Ayew on FIFA 18
Shooting seems to be a little overpowered, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, when combined with some somewhat dodgy goalkeeping then perhaps at times it can be too easy to score. A slight tone up for the shot-stoppers is recommended.

There has also been a tactical shake-up. In previous versions, players have been forced to utilise one or two key formations if they have been serious about being competitive, either in the professional scene or even just playing online against other players. FIFA 18, however, allows so much more freedom.

It is only your creativity that will stop you from using different tactical approaches, and exploring various methods of playing has been one of my most enjoyable parts of FIFA 18 so far.

Usually when a new FIFA game hits the shelves it very quickly becomes just the next step in the series, and the progression through the years folds together. However, FIFA 18 has taken such a leap forward that it literally feels like a new, fresh and exciting gaming experience, one which I can easily still see myself enjoying it when FIFA 19 is released next September.