FIFA 17 Tutorial: Defending


In the first of a new series, West Ham United's official eSports player gives a comprehensive tutorial in the art of defending in FIFA 17.

Jamboo is one of the world's leading FIFA players and has built up a wealth of knowledge from hours of playing the game independently and against other top players. Being one of the best advised to help the next generation of FIFA players, in this episode Jamboo shows the best tactical and technical approaches to defending in the game.

Before a ball is even kicked, he explains, in depth, the changes he makes to Custom Tactics before then showcasing his technical approach to defending in the game.

Jamboo operates an aggressive style when defending in order to win the ball back as quickly as possible to allow him to attack. The 21-year old is well known for his positive, attacking playing style and regularly out scores his opponents, however he could not be nearly as successful as he is without essential defensive capabilities.

He admits that each FIFA player is different and has unique defensive preferences, however there is one extremely effective method to regain possession. By using the 'second man press' button (RB/R1), an extra man is freed up in defensive situations and enables the computer to tackle the man on the ball. As he explains: "What this allows me to do is to use the player I am controlling and drag them in to a position to intercept while the computer attacks the player with the ball, so it is extremely effective in both ways."

And so in Jamboo's opinion, who are the best West Ham defenders in FIFA 17?

"Right now, the best to use in Ultimate Team are [Angelo] Ogbonna and Winston Reid. The reason for this is they're both really big, quick and strong so they've got everything you need, the key elements to being a good defender in FIFA 17!"

Keep your eye out for more Jamboo tutorials soon and you'll be a FIFA ace in no time! You can continue to follow his progress right here on