Club Statement

West Ham United undertook a full investigation into the crowd issues immediately after Saturday’s game with Watford and today held a productive meeting with stadium owners E20.

Whilst West Ham United do not hold the Safety Certificate (this is held by LS185) or control the security at the stadium, the Club is doing everything possible within its jurisdiction to help provide a safe and enjoyable environment for all supporters.

It is important that we recognise the vast majority who have attended the first five fixtures played at London Stadium have been outstanding with their behaviour and support. They, like all at West Ham United, do not want their reputation or the Club’s to be tarnished by the minority.

Today, the Club have insisted that E20 guarantee a police presence in the Stadium.

In addition, the Club have also specified a number of essential important improvements to match day operations moving forward, including the need for LS185 to bolster the stewarding and security operation in terms of numbers, but also in terms of the level training and experience they have dealing with Premier League football matches.

E20 confirmed today that immediate action is being taken on the issues raised. The Club will work tirelessly with them to ensure London Stadium continues to be the inclusive and family-friendly environment that all parties have worked so hard to achieve.

This includes a more robust and secure line of segregation between the home and visiting fans as specified by the Club. We have been assured this will be in place ahead of the next match.

The Club has already taken action to improve all match day elements within their control, including the relocation of young children and families from areas where the fans are more vociferous and the issuing of season long bans for supporters engaging in antisocial behaviour. 

The Club is working hard to move likeminded supporters into areas to enhance their match day experience. This process commenced ahead of the Watford game and has already proved successful in key areas. The Club will continue prioritising this approach around the stadium.

In relation to Saturday’s match against Watford:

•   10 individuals were ejected from the Stadium.

•   No arrests were made. 

•   The Club received seven complaints in relation to standing, although 40 reports were received in relation to the antisocial behaviour in the stands.

The Club would appeal to supporters to report any incidents directly to the Club, as all reported complaints and incidents are fully investigated, in conjunction with a full review of CCTV footage from the day, with a view to issuing further bans where appropriate.

Supporters are requested to provide as much information as possible, as the more intelligence the Club have the more proactive and focused all efforts to clamp down on antisocial behaviour will be. The Club will act on every piece of evidence all of which will be collated and treated in the strictest of confidence.

The Club now appeals to all supporters to come together and support West Ham in the famous way we have historically been so proud of.