The Big Interview - Phill Jupitus

Television star Phill Jupitus has seen a number of magical moments at the Boleyn Ground standing on the famous North Bank and will never forget a special moment with his daughter that involved Carlos Tevez.

As the Club prepare for a historic move to the new Stadium during the summer, Jupitus looks back at his time attending the Boleyn Ground and describes what makes it one of the most unique stadiums in Europe....

Phill, this has been an emotional time for everyone connected with the Club. What are your feelings on the big move away from the Boleyn Ground?

PJ: “It is strange because you think about the size of the place and the physical closeness to games.

“Obviously the sport has changed immeasurably over the last 20 years and it is certainly the passing of an era. The move had to happen.”

What are your standout memories from attending the Boleyn Ground?

PJ: “I used to work for a fanzine called 'Fortunes Always Hiding' and my nickname with the lads was part-time Porky as I used to wake up on a Saturday morning and decide if I want to go to the game and that is an age that has passed.

“I lived in Bow and used to wake up on a Saturday and think do I want to go to the Pictures or go to the football. You could just turn up a the footie with a fiver and get in!

“I miss that and standing on the old shelf on the left hand side of the North Bank. I used to stand up there by the Tea Bar and it was a great view of the goal.

“I know the away fans have been situated there so I hope they enjoy it as well! I used to really enjoy the North Bank and miss that a lot.”

You have seen a number of entertaining players over the years. If you had to pick out one favourite who would it be and why?

PJ: “There was a time when I brought my daughter and Carlos Tevez was playing. I remember turning to her and saying this man is going to score a goal now! What he will do is kick the ball and it will curve in the air and into the corner of the net.

“He scored the goal and she looked at me like I was a wizard! It was a one-off but the way we took to Tevez and he took to us said a lot about the Club.”