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Scandinavian Hammers member Gjermund Holt welcomes fellow Norwegian Havard Nordtveit to West Ham United
Norwegian Gjermund Holt is a long-time member and former Chairman of the Scandinavian Hammers - West Ham United's largest supporters' club with more than 600 members...

We at the Scandinavian Hammers are glad to see Havard Nordtveit signing for us!

We’ve had a couple of Norwegians before at West Ham United, without the best of luck!

Remember Ragnvald Soma? He was a defender who signed for us from the Norwegian club Bryne in 2001 but only made nine appearances in the year he was with us before going back to his old club. Actually he was a decent player, but it didn’t work out for him in the Premier League.

Then we had John Carew, who came to us five years too late. He was a good striker in his prime, for his clubs and for the Norwegian national team, but he was past his best when he was with us in the 2011/12 Championship season.

Now, we have of course got Martin Samuelsen as well, who is a very exciting youngster. Martin is a very good individual and when he learns more about the game and how to get the best out of his skills for the team, and puts on some more muscles, he can set fire to the Premier League.

Havard – it should be Håvard but I know you guys have a different keyboard! – Nordtveit is from the same area in western Norway as Samuelsen, but of course a completely different player.

Nordtveit is what the English fans would call a ‘steady Eddie’ – he won’t ever play a bad game, but he will probably not be the player to get you off your seat either. He will probably get a ‘7’ rating in paper after every game.

For those who didn’t see him play for the national team or Moenchengladbach on TV, he is comfortable on the ball, a very good reader of the game and always in the right position.

I believe his best position is as a holding midfielder although he has played more as a centre-back for his club for the last year.

He is still young at 25, but with lots of experience, so I and my fellow Scandinavian Hammers believe he will be a very good addition to our squad.

I used to work for Umbro in Norway, and I met Havard a few times when he was at international duty. He is a genuinely nice guy as well, and that is of course no disadvantage! I am really looking forward to see what he can bring to us!

Gjermund Holt
Scandinavian Hammers