From the Boardroom - David Sullivan

I think it will be emotional when we play Manchester United in our final ever game at the Boleyn Ground, but first and foremost it’s a very big football game.

I didn’t anticipate Southampton winning at Tottenham and even Manchester United at Norwich, they could have dropped something and now we have to win otherwise it’s not in our hands to be in Europe.

And of course if Manchester United win, it’s in their hands to be in Champions League so it’s now a huge, huge football game as well as being an emotional night.

I think there will be more tears spilt in one place and in any place in the United Kingdom since Highbury shut.

There will be more men crying tomorrow night than you’ll see anywhere in the UK.

Perhaps we’ll be in the Guinness Book of Records! It is sad and it is emotional and at that moment in time we’ll all wish we weren’t moving, but the next day you’ll wake up and realise it’s the right thing.

It will be very emotional in August when Juventus come to the new Stadium and that will be the start of a new era.