First and Last - Pedro Obiang

As West Ham United continue the final season at the Boleyn Ground, we’ve asked our players for some memorable lasts from their careers and lives, as well as some firsts. Pedro Obiang goes under the spotlight…


What is the first goal you remember scoring?

My first professional goal was dedicated to the President of the Club who had recently died, it made the score 4-1 against Pescara FC. That was definitely one of the best goals I’ve ever scored.

What was the first football shirt you ever brought?

To be honest I wasn’t that into collecting shirts when I was young but one of the shirts I always wanted was Clarence Seedorf and Gaizka Mendieta who was a huge player for Valencia.

Apart from those two, who else were your first football idols?

The one and only Zinedine Zidane! I also like Thierry Henry, he is the reason why I wanted to wear the number 14 shirt. I also really admire Xabi Alonso.   

What was the first CD you bought?

It’s actually a bit of a special story because my brother released a CD. Instead of waiting for him to give me one, I went out and bought it. In terms of the first CD I bought other than that, it was a Coldplay album.

Do you remember your first ever date?

Well, it’s not easy. I wouldn’t call it a date as such, I was 16, and we went to the cinema to see the first Twilight film. It was Christmas 2008, I didn’t have a car then so I couldn’t even pick her up to take her to the cinema!

What was the last holiday you went on?

It was quite a different holiday to usual because I knew I was going to be joining West Ham. I spent a few days in my house in Spain, two days in Venice with my girlfriend and then I came here to London for two days to sort out the deal. After that, I caught a plane straight back to Malaga and then another few days in Italy.

What was the last meal you cooked for yourself or anyone else?
I can’t say I really cooked it myself because I used the thermo-mix. I made focaccia which is a typical type of bread from Genoa. I used some tomatoes on top and some onions too.

Who was the last teammate to make you laugh and what did they do?

I’m in contact with all my past and present teammates on Whatsapp. There’s a guy called Sergio Marcos who plays for Villarreal, he likes a joke and he sent me some videos of himself doing funny stuff at about four in the morning!

What was the last sporting event you paid to see?

The UEFA Champions League final last season between Barcelona and Juventus.