Fall of the Krays out on DVD now!

Own the latest instalment in the story of the Krays on DVD
Fall of the Krays, the latest film charting the story of the brothers from Bethnal Green, is out on DVD now in HMV and all supermarkets.
Following on from the huge success of The Rise Of The Krays which was released on Blu-ray and DVD in August 2015 before going on to break sales records across the board, The Fall of the Krays picks up the story of the infamous Firm as the cracks start to show in the brothers’ business plans and their sanity.
Fall of the Krays once again stars Simon Cotton as Ronnie and Kevin Leslie as Reggie. Having secured their empire and their infamy, the brothers must now fight to keep hold of both as the obsession of one police officer becomes entwined with a burgeoning romance and a dangerous state of mind for Reggie and Ronnie respectively.
The sequel to 2015’s must-see, gangster epic is here and two of history’s most terrifying siblings demand that respect is paid: own the film on DVD now!