First and Last - James Tomkins

West Ham United's No5 on Boyz II Men, Adrian's singing, Ed Sheeran and more in a musically-themed First and Last!
As West Ham United continue their final season at the Boleyn Ground underway, we’ve asked our players for some memorable lasts from their careers and lives, as well as some firsts. James Tomkins goes under the spotlight…


What was the first car you owned?
It was a Ford Focus. I first got the car when I passed my driving test back in 2007.

Can you remember the first CD you bought?
I am trying to think of the music that I would have played when I was first started driving into training. It would have been slower music and I would have to say Boyz II Men. I remember playing that back at that time.

When was the first time you signed an autograph?
It would have been around the Boleyn Ground. It was back when Alan Pardew was in charge and I was a ball-boy at the time. I think one of the fans must have recognised me from an Academy game and I didn't know what to do. I think I just put my initials down on the bit of paper. I had to change it quickly after that!

Who is the first player you would call up for a pub team?
I am trying to think who that would be, but I know a few of them think they are intelligent. Even Nobes thinks he is half clever but if you asked him what he got at school he probably couldn't remember!

Who is the first player you would vote off on the X-Factor?
I would have to say Adrian. I think he tried to sing something Spanish and I don't think he would last very long on the X-Factor. Ginge plays the guitar and is good at it, but I haven't heard many of the players sing!

Which artist or group was performing at the last concert you went to?

Ed Sheeran at Wembley. He was brilliant and I have been to see him twice. He often does the same songs but he is someone I really like as a musician – just watching him and a guitar.

Who is the last person in the team you would like to be stuck in a lift with?
Aaron Cresswell as his breath would soon drop me down a few levels! I would pass out with him in seconds! I love him really.

Who is the last person you would take fashion advice from in the team?
Adrian – one of the worst dressers I have ever seen. It must have been something in Spain he did growing up but it is not there. Alex Song has some mad stuff but he can pull it off.

What was the last film you went to see?
I have not been to the cinema for a while but it would be the The Equalizer with Denzel Washington. He was unreal in it. I quite like him as an actor and it was really good.

Who is the last person out of the dressing room?
I would have to say myself or Nobes. I know my missus and my family are always saying I am the last out and keep them waiting for ages. I am always talking with Nobes after the game and we stay around and talk about what happened and general stuff.