View on the Opposition - Manchester United

Lifelong fan Miles Edwards lifts the lid on Sunday's opponents
Lifelong fan Miles Edwards lifts the lid on Sunday’s opponents

How important is this match for Manchester United?

“Crucial. Following the defeat to Liverpool in midweek they have to get a good response and quickly. If things go wrong tomorrow it could get very tense. I think the majority of fans believe Louis van Gaal is on borrowed time, however lifting the FA Cup may just save his bacon.

“Even with the context of the current season out of the way. It’s been a while, too long, since United lifted the FA Cup so it’s about time we put that right.”

How would you say has been United’s best players recently?

It’s hard to look past David De Gea, as ever, he has been immense and you dread to think where United might be without him. Other than that, there’s not much to choose from. You have to give credit to Marcus Rashford for the impact he’s had but we shouldn’t be relying on a teenager. He’s looked a little jaded recently and is need of a rest.”

What is the priority for United this season?

Qualifying for Champions League football for next season. Winning the Europa League is looking highly unlikely, so finishing in the top four is the absolute number one aim. It’ll be tough, but you can’t give up hope with City faltering a little bit.”

 What have you made of West Ham this season?

“They’ve been excellent, they really have. We drew 0-0 earlier in the season at Old Trafford and to be honest, West Ham were the better side.

“From the games I’ve seen on TV, they look very committed, they work hard for each and they attack quickly so we know it’ll be a tough game. Slaven Bilic has done a great job there so far.”

What do you think the score will be tomorrow?

“I’m not very confident to be honest and I’m tempted to say a draw but I could never go against United so I’ll say 1-0. I think it’ll be a tight game, United won’t want to give anything away; van Gaal has a way a fluking a result whenever he really needs it so we’ll see.”