A message from the Board

West Ham United are delighted to endorse this afternoon’s Premier League announcement of a league-wide £30 cap on all away tickets for the next three seasons.  

While the decision to cap tickets at £30 each will cost the Club over £2,000,000 in lost revenue over the next three years, the Club supported the move to ensure its own supporters benefited from the price cap when they travel to watch the Hammers play away from home.

The Board are also pleased to confirm that following extraordinary demand for tickets at the Hammers’ new world-class home, West Ham are now doing everything in their power to expand the capacity to 60,000.

Should that hard work pay off, there will be an additional 5,000 Band 5 seats and thus a total of 8,000 Season Tickets available for £289 a season. What’s more, the Club project that some 8,000 Season Tickets will be sold to Under-16s for just £99.