We All Follow The West Ham!

The Queen City Hammers from North Carolina can't wait for the side to arrive in the US for their pre-season tour
The Queen City Hammers are an official Supporters' Club based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Member Francis Sosa cannot wait for the Hammers to arrive in the USA for their pre-season tour...

Our Queen City Hammers Supporters’ Club was formed when about five of us who didn’t know each other went to the same bar to watch West Ham open the season a couple of years ago.
We came up with the name, designed a logo, requested membership on the official West Ham site and started a Facebook page to get anyone who lives or visits Charlotte to come out and support on match days.
To keep up to date with everything West Ham all the way from the US, apart from checking football news sites, I think social media sites like Twitter and Facebook keep us posted on the latest news. Here in the states, all Premier League matches are on the NBC network of channels so it’s pretty accessible nowadays.
We always meet up on match days to watch and support. We meet up at Courtyard Hooligans in Charlotte, since it is the only pub completely dedicated to football and it’s where we all first met.
We were all extremely excited when the Club announced it was heading to the States for their pre-season tour. It’s pretty shocking that they are actually coming to North Carolina! It will be a great experience to see the club after the great final season they had at Boleyn and then moving on to the Olympic Stadium.
Everyone in our Club is in for the match in Raleigh! Tom and Jason of Queen City Hammers have worked with the Railhawks to get all Hammers supporters in the same section for seating (I think we have three blocks sold out for West Ham supporters). Through Facebook, they have organised groups and individuals from all over the States. We are going to have people from Ohio, Washington DC, Atlanta, New York, Philadelphia, the Carolinas; from all over the place!
In regards to what the Hammers can expect against their American opponents, I think they could expect a physical, fast-paced, pressing form of football that the American clubs tend to play.
Bilic and his crew will be prepared, though, I’m sure. I think you could expect to see a growth in West Ham supporters in the US after these matches. I really feel that some of the people who support the Sounders and Railhawks will want to be part of the tradition after they witness it in person. We’re all extremely excited and can’t wait for the occasion! It should be fantastic.