Redknapp - West Ham is in great shape

Harry Redknapp came through the ranks at the Academy of Football before making 175 appearances for West Ham United as a winger between 1965-72. He returned to the Club as manager between 1994-2001 A close friend of Bobby Moore, he took part in the English Heritage Blue Plaque ceremony for his late teammate in Barking...

Hello everyone,

As a teammate and friend of the great Bobby Moore, I was honoured to be invited to take part in the unveiling of a British Heritage Blue Plaque in his honour at 43 Waverley Gardens in Barking.

That house was where the greatest footballer ever was brought up and it’s great. I’m glad he’s been recognised and they’ve put up the Blue Plaque – it’s lovely.

I never met anyone who could come anywhere near Bobby as a player or as a person, he was an incredible man.

When you think he captained West Ham at 21 it shows you – if you’re in the team at 21 nowadays, as I said when I spoke at the ceremony people think you have done well – how great he had done. We’re not talking about captaining a Third or Fourth Division team, West Ham was full of great players and always has had great players.

Bobby was special – he was the best player, the best person, the best everything, really.
West Ham is a big club, make no mistake, and has been one of the best clubs in the country for many years and with the move to the new Stadium, it’s going to make them even bigger. There is no reason why they can’t be a top-four or top-five team in years to come.

I think this move can take West Ham all the way. They’re going to have 60,000 fans there every week and they’ll fill it because people don’t realise the fanbase West Ham have. People said ‘They only get 30-odd thousand’, but that’s because the stadium only held 30-odd thousand!

Now, you’ve got a 60,000 stadium and have sold 50-odd thousand Season Tickets and could probable have sold another 15,000 if they had them. The potential is just amazing.

We’re all sorry to see Upton Park go. I left school just before my 15th birthday and we used to pain the terraces. We had the best time of our lives, all local boys from the East End of London who grew up there.

The sight and sound of the wooden Chicken Run swaying to the sound of ‘Bubbles’ is one of the most moving sights in football in my opinion, up there with the singing of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ at Liverpool.

It’s one of the most iconic places in football and I’m sorry to see them leave but to move forward it had to be done. It was a great move for the Club and for the fans who want to go and see their team play.

It’s a lovely team now, too, and Slaven Bilic has done great. I signed Slaven as a player and he’s done fantastic and West Ham have got big players.

Dimitri Payet is the leader of the pack now and he’s a fantastic talent, but they’ve got lots of good players. They’ve also people like Mark Noble who is the heartbeat of the Club and has been there since he was a kid.

The Club is in great shape, has great support and it’s a great Football Club, so let’s hope they have another fantastic season.


The views in this article are those of the author and not necessarily those of West Ham United